2913 Urbana Pike (Rt. 355)
Urbana, MD 21754
Phone: 301-363-8786
Email: franklin_liquors@yahoo.com
Hours: Mon-Thurs 9:30am-9pm;

Fri 9:30am 9:30pm
Sat 10am-9pm; Sun 11am-6:30pm

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Meet Our Team

G.M./President: Manish Desai:
Manish, took over, the oldest liquor store in Frederick County, in 2007 from Fred & Sharon Ridgways. Immediately, he employed his retail experience skills into modernizing the store image from an older & dull store to the most modern store that customers enjoy today. He, then, amassed humongous collection of fine spirits, wines and craft beers on customers requests, his own reading and his sales team’s recommendations. Manish, made the store very popular by demonstrating community involvement and exemplary customer service. For any concern, he always responds very quickly. Mostly, you can catch him,in his “cave”..the back office.
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 6.24.31 PMManager: Sergio Canuhe:
Sergio has 20 plus years of alcohol industry experience! He is an extremely skilled and loved individual and will go above and beyond to help customers with their needs. Personal to most customer,Sergio, is always ready to help in finding “things” to “carry out” to your car. Our pride “Most Clean Store” is directly his efforts. Being Frederick, Native, he is a known figure to many!
Asst. Manager: Aaron Henry
Aaron is an enthusiastic micro beer expert and curious spirit “guy”! He is an avid reader with vast current knowledge of the alcohol products available and soon arriving. Aaron has 5+ years of retail store experience. Friendly and firm believer in cutting edge needs; Keeps up with social medias, customer’s special requests and knows “hard to find” beers,wines and spirits.
Shift Leader: David Stark
Big “B” is well known for his unique “Socks”; David can assist you with special orders. He has excellent customer follow-up. (3 years of expertise). He may seem “tough” but he is a “softy” once you know him. Talks little less,but won’t leave you a bad experience!
Associate: Paul Stark:
“Young Gun”; For over a year into alcohol business; Paul is stepping up into training his palates for craft beers, artesian spirits and bold wines. Little chatty; enjoys talking with customers!
Associates:Sean P Ireland
Just started. Willing to learn & help and will be a “regular” face.
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